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Ward Acres Park


Paws Place, The Dog Park at Ward Acres Park

Paws Place at Ward Acres Dog Park is a public park, open residents of New Rochelle and other surrounding communities. All dogs are welcome to use the park and hike the trails with their owners on leash with a Ward Acres Dog Permit. Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs at all times. An application for a permit can be found here.

The dog park features two fenced play sections, one of which is specifically designed to meet the needs of dogs who are small, elderly, or shy.  Benches are liberally sprinkled throughout the shaded runs.  

Paws Place at Ward Acres Dog Park does have a few rules for dogs and their owners: identification tags which lists your name and contact information must be clearly displayed on your dog’s collar. Owners should carry a leash with them at all times. 

Lastly, park officials extend warm thanks to all owners for assisting with keeping the play areas clean by picking up after their pets in a prompt manner.


The Community Garden at Ward Acres Park

Ward Acres Community Garden is organized and operated by volunteers with the support of the New Rochelle Department of Parks and Recreation.  The Garden features 88 separate 10'x10' plots. New Rochelle residents can rent plots for a nominal fee per season. The goal of the Garden is to build community, grow vegetables according to organic gardening principles, share tips with fellow gardeners, and help to feed the hungry. A portion of the crop goes to non-profit Hope Community Service (Help Our People Eat) which provides emergency food services, housing, children’s supportive programming. 

We currently have multiple open garden plots for the upcoming season. 


Ward Acres Park Master Plan Update

The City of New Rochelle in partnership with Ward Acres Conservancy engaged the consulting firm Stantec to update the Ward Acres Park Master Plan, last published in 2006. This latest plan clarifies the vision and long-term usage goals for the park. It addresses current park conditions and needs, and provides consultation, strategies, and recommendations for park restoration and management. We encourage you to download and review.

WAP v10.2.JPG

Trail System and Points of interest

Most of the trail system throughout Ward Acres is a carry over from the days as a horse farm. An informal perimeter trail runs around the Park, and there are a number of secondary trails that cross it. The trail system has been formalized and blazed throughout.

barn cmplx.210126 (5).Wstable Barn facing W.jpg

The Barn Complex

This 15,000 sq. ft. complex was built in 1906.

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