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Ward Acres Conservancy

Mission statement:

The mission of the Ward Acres Conservancy is to restore, preserve and protect Ward Acres Park's ecologically fragile landscape, wildlife habitat and trail system, and to manage the Park sustainably for the mutual benefit of the environment and the communities that it serves.

Who we are:

Ward Acres Conservancy is a not-for-profit group founded by private citizens in partnership with the City of New Rochelle. Our core values include conservation, inclusion, and citizen-based leadership. We seek to protect and preserve natural aspects of the park, to create an inclusive organization built on the diversity of the City, and to create an intimate interaction and educational experience with nature with access for all. 


President: Joe Rogot

Vice President: Joanne Bernstein

Treasurer: Steve Cadenhead

Secretary: Matt Stern

Communications: Sherry Bruck

Rosa Rodriguez

Fred Goldberg


Jessica Schuler

Gary Rothbart

Keira Wycliffe

To find out more about becoming a member of the advisory council go to >

Ward Acres Conservancy: What We Do
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