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Opening Day at Ward Acres Community Garden

Submitted by Fred Goldberg / Photos by Charlene Pinckney

As temperatures climbed to the low 80s on Sunday, April 28, the Ward Acres Community Garden (WACG) welcomed veteran gardeners and new members to an opening day highlighted by rock painting, s’mores, games, snacking, comradeship, and, oh yes, a return to gardening. Although cool nights signal that it is still too early to plant certain “crops,” several gardeners used the opportunity to begin prepping their plots for the growing season.


Assisted by seasoned garden veterans and volunteers, the Events Committee set up tables provided by the New Rochelle Department of Parks & Recreation for children and adults alike to paint beach rocks, play ping pong, chess and checkers and other games, and toast marshmallows to create perfect—and gooey—s’mores. Perhaps most significantly, gardeners had the opportunity to reignite friendships, swap gardening tips, share hints with novices, and simply sit in the sunshine and enjoy leisurely conversations.


A special thanks to Deputy Commissioner Lauren O’Connor and the Department of Parks & Recreation, volunteers Cynthia Lewis, Gina Tripodo, Nicole Itzkowitz, and Crystal Valentin, WACG steering committee members Charlene Pinckney-Goldberg, Staci Miller, and Rosa Rodriguez, and all those gardeners who shared their home-baked delights, drinks and snacks, and to all who embraced good company and fellowship.

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